They are not our friends

An objective look at the activity of the alien visitors will reveal that they do not have our best interests in mind. Any potential benefit we stand to gain is a mere byproduct of their own selfish activities. Deciding whether they are friend, foe or in between can certainly prove to be a herculean task, given the sheer amount of information out there. Between new age charlatans (and other ideologues), “me too “researchers”,” and abduction apologists, it can be different to sort fact from fiction. But the more methodological and less ideological researchers like David Jacobs continue to turn up disturbing facts and trends.

It’s quite clear that painful and frightening abductions are leaving people traumatized if not tortured. The point behind this no doubt seems to revolve around a “hybrid program” whereby humans and aliens are interbred, with their offspring being interbred with humans, and so on. The result: beings that look human but whose mind and agenda are clearly alien. And these human-like aliens appear to be interacting now in human society.

David Jacob’s research points to a post-apocalyptic future whereby we will lose many people, who will subsequently be replaced by very human-looking hybrids. They will do the bidding of their progenitors, the greys. And we humans will essentially be third class citizens on our own planet.


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