Alien Abductions: Can we even stop them?

prevent alien abduction
One common misconception that’s been so oft-repeated that it’s become axiomatic within abduction research: There is nothing we can do about alien abductions. The aliens have superior technology, pass through solid objects (like walls) at will, and paralyze us and disable our defenses at will. There is no point in resisting. Resistance is futile! While it’s true that the typical bedroom abductee appears to be outmatched by the abducting and obviously-prepared gray aliens, it doesn’t necessarily follow that nothing can be done. In fact, there is a wealth of information from abduction investigators who’ve published credible content on preventing alien abduction.

Stopping Alien Abduction

There are countless instances of abductees successfully fighting back against their (would- be) captors. In some cases, said would-be captors have even been killed. There are even instances where the aliens apparently give up truing to abduct a particular individual. This suggests that effectively fighting back has a dispersal effect, whereby the aliens decide to simply move on to a different target.

Ann Druffel: How to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction

Druffel’s book is perhaps the most complete treatise on the subject. Here, Ms Druffel provides case studies of abductees foiling abduction attempts by the grays using a variety of methods that Druffel goes on to categorize. These include having the proper mindset (what she dubs “righteous indignation” which is not to be confused with blind rage or vitriolic loathing) which allows abductees to break or prevent the alien’s paralysis. From here there are other methods including physical confrontation (in one instance, a lady frustratingly shook a gray, resulting his neck snapping). There is even an instance of a man shooting at a gray on his roof with his rifle.

derrl sims alien hunterDerrel Sims and his Case Studies: Don’t Mess with Texas!

Another example of abductees successfully fighting back are 1- Derrel Sims (a Texas native, former military policeman, CIA employee and currently a detective among other things and who is often called “The Alien Hunter”) himself and 2- several of his patients, who he helps cope with their abductions. One of his patients (first name John, and last name withheld here, as I believe he prefers to stay as anonymous as possible) actually impaled a gray with what he calls a “samurai sword” (the type of samurai sword is never specified but it is likely a katana since this is what most people apparently mean by “samurai sword”).  According to him, the alien actually showed emotion after being impaled, oozed some sort of fluid, and disappeared shortly thereafter. Much like Ann Druffel’s, the cases brought up by Sims suggests that the aliens themselves are subject to “mind tricks.” In the case of Derrel Sims, he has actually been able to have his abuctees hypnotize the aliens while onboard their craft. In other words, their psionic strength may also be their weakness. Their ability to control and paralyze us mentally might also come at the cost of being overly susceptible to the power of suggestion.

Religious Methods

There are several instances of abductees citing the names of religious figures (in the US this is usually Jesus Christ) and in some cases, this has reportedly worked. David Jacobs appears to be of the position that this generally does not work. There has even been an instance of a gray replying “Why do you call for your God? There is no one up here but us.” However, this apparently took place on an actual ship. According to Ann Druffel, many abductees have been able to prevent abductions by calling to religious figures at the very onset of an abduction. It is likely then, that the grays are susceptible to suggestion, and this includes religious beliefs. If an abductee truly believes that Jesus or some other being is standing in the room protecting him/her then the grey(s) may really have no choice but to believe it as well, since their minds are apparently linked to the abductee’s.

Conventional Weapons

shooting grey aliens

There are a few instances of weapons being used on grays. Normally this is not an option since abductees are paralyzed but as investigators like Sims report, sometimes the aliens make a mistake. Or, as Druffel suggests, carrying righteous indignation prevents/removes paralysis and opens up new options. And Michael Menkin’s thoughscreen helmet prevents paralysis which should allow an abductee to mount their own offense against their would-be abductor.  In terms of bladed weapons, I am only familiar with the cases of “John’s” impaling of a gray.

However in terms of firearms, there do appear to be a few instances of greys being shot. Ann Druffel reports that Billy Wolfe shot and and clipped a gray on his roof. Aside from this, I am not familiar with grays being shot in abduction attempts (though there are stories of grays being shot in other contexts, such as Phil Schneider’s experience).

That Schneider was able to put away LARGE grays away with his Walther PPK tells us that large grays are susceptible to firearms.  It goes without saying then that the small drone grays that carry out alien abductions are just as (likeky more) susceptible.   Critics will note that that Schneider had the benefit of surprise in the encounter and therefore this may be an outlying case.  But in fact, Schneider was even more surprised in this encounter given that he no foreknowledge of gray aliens, and the same cannot be said in reverse.  Whitley Strieber does mention that he believes the greys took a more careful approach due to the shotgun he kept nearby.


We also have an instance during the Vietnam War where greys were harvesting body parts.  A squad of of SOG’s got the jump on them and a firefight ensued whereby all greys were killed, along with one SOG member.  That the greys were able to kill even one SOG despite being ambushed suggests they themselves are capable of soldiers.  Lastly, according to Derrel Sims, at least 2 snipers took out greys from afar.  On a side note, there appears to have been some engagement between US forces and aliens during the Vietnam war.

Security alarm systems

Security alarms are a good idea in general.

The question remains whether they will also work on aliens looking to abduct you.  Since other conventional methods appear to work, one has to wonder if home security alarms are of any use. These alarms work by activating when they sense movement. Depending on how the alarm settings have been calibrated, a gray should have enough mass to trip the sensor, if it passes through the sensor area. Judging by how the grays entered a woman’s house in the movie Intruders, one would think an alarm would be tripped.

The question here is: would the police’s follow up been fast enough to prevent the abduction? This seems highly unlikely. In the event they did, would they be equipped to confront the grays?

Whitley Strieber’s high end alarm appears to have done little if anything to prevent the grays or the other aliens from entering at will and abducting him, though it’s possible the alarm limited the entry points from which the intruders had to work with.

The events of Communion take place in the 80’s however, and alarm technology has come a long way. This begs the question: Would a newer alarm fare any better, especially if it’s been hardened to handle electromagnetic interference? In the movie Dark Skies (not based on the 90’s TV show) the grays seem able to come and go without ever tripping the alarm.

However, the security camera system does appear to capture one of the intruders in one of the bedrooms, thus finally exposing their presence.

The Thought-screen Helmet

Michael Menkin Stopping AliensOne other potential option is Michael Menkin’s thoughtscreen helmet. While this inspires the usual predictable jokes about toinfoil hats, there does appear to be some science behind this, and as a person, Menkin appears far more credible and scientifically literate than most abduction experts/investigators.  He has a degree and has been a technical writer for many large organizations, including NASA (hence, at the very least, this isn’t some basement yahoo just looking for attention). Long story short, Menkin uses a material called “velostat” which has certain properties that prevent (or rather, scramble) telepathic signals sent by the grays. The velostat is attached to the inner lining of a hat or helmet and should be worn at all times (otherwise, the aliens simply come when the abductee takes it off). By preventing paralysis, the aliens are no longer really able to carry out abductions, as they are not physically capable of physically forcing a human onto their ships.  In other words, at this point they become 40lb weaklings with big eyes.

Assuming these hats work, this opens up room for the use of weapons. As always, should you go the gun route, know the gun and caliber you’re using. You don’t want to shoot through a wall and into your kid’s (or your neighbor’s kid’s) bedroom. As an additional precaution, Menkin suggests ski goggles to prevent the aliens from controlling you via visual connection, should you make eye contact. Last but not least, Menkin even gives us a list of Alien weaknesses, that give us ideas for other defenses. For example, the greys can’t handle incense. This makes sense, as they reportedly consume food using their body’s pores. This suggests that their skin absorbs chemicals (sot of like insects and arachnids) in ways ours doesn’t. This tells suggests that pepper spray would be especially effective against them.


This list is by no means complete. And as I am not an abductee myself, I have not had the occasion to test these techniques. Nevertheless, these techniques appear to make sense given what we do know about the greys (that they communicate telepathically, absorb nutrients through their skin, etc).

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