The Greys and Their Mission

Due to the fact that they are clones (created to to exist as a slave species), the Greys are afflicted by genetic mutations, medical conditions but most problematical they’re slowly declining. This truth presents a challenge because Grey Aliens are manufactured without reproductive organs, therefore their problem! Combined with the inability to re-produce and little knowledge of the cloning technologies that the Reptilian Aliens have, Grey Aliens experience a time sensitive problem that they have now set out to resolve.

Like every animal/being, they are serious about self preservation; and of course, they seem to possess zero moral or ethical concerns in achieving that objective and have set their eyes on using humans to correct their predicament.

Subsequent to their own uprising against the formidable governmeats of the Reptilian Alien Empire, they ventured out through universe in search for a remedy. It was not a long time before the greys located what they desired and required here on this planet. Making secret accords with Earthly government authorities, Grey Aliens, in return for technology, are now abducting men and women so they can perfect their very own approach to cloning. This cloning technology doesn’t quite mirror the technology deployed by the Reptilians yet it makes it possible to use the human reproductive organs achieve their particular purpose.

Behold, the beginnings of the Human Crossbreed Grey Alien Program

As sci-fi as this may sound, this is actually the truth guiding the elusivealiens which claim thousands of abductions every year. When abducted, many individuals say that they’re probed and stuck with needles in and around their reproductive parts. This is where Grey Aliens begin the process of extracting human DNA that enables Grey Aliens to cross breed their own DNA and create Human/Alien Hybrids that will allow them to propagate their alien race.

One researcher such as David M. Jacobs, Director from the International Center for Abduction Research states, “aliens would abduct humans to cross-breed their DNA with ours and create an army of hybrid creatures that would slightly invade our planet. Although we may disagree with this theory and its details about aliens taking over through this program, the general idea of what is going on is there.”


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