Can martial artists save us?

One of the surprising trends in abduction research is the apparent effectiveness of hand-to-hand combat against grey aliens.  More and more we are finding that it’s simple barehanded or bladed weapons that work best against the greys, not guns as we’d probably expect.  It certainly seems counter intuitive but perhaps there’s a reason.

The idea of hand-to-hand combat being more effective than firearms is difficult to imagine because of where WE are technologically and the specific way in which we engage in warfare.  To the greys, projectile weapons are likely an ancient invention they’ve long-since adapted to, whereas bladed weapons haven’t been a consideration for them in a long while.  In fact, the greys are accustomed to paralyzing their victims and therefore, the idea of close up threat may not exist.

Martial arts and mysticism

derrel sims martial artist
Derrel Sims is an example of a martial artist who is effective against the greys

The martial arts have long since held a sort of mystical position in both Western and Eastern societies.  Given the reports that religious beliefs can help shield individuals from the grey’s paralysis, it’s possible that martial arts training and warrior discipline provides a similar benefit.  This would explain why, for example, Travis Walton was able to hold 3 greys at bay when taking his karate stance.  The greys bolted out of the room shortly thereafter.

Sword, stick and knife combat

There are many arts that make use of bladed weapons.  Some of these include Kendo, Eskrima, Fencing and Arnis. Many Chinese martial arts also make use of short and long swords.  And this doesn’t even include western disciplines where use of medieval swords is taught as an art.  In fact, John Edmonds claims to have killed something like 18 greys, most of them with his “samurai sword.”


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