Preventing Alien Abductions using Weapons of Antiquity

grey-alienResearch has shown that bladed weapons appear to work better than firearms when it comes to grey aliens. Why that’s the case remains to be solved. But we’ve seen it time and again. Both Derrel Sims and John Edmonds have successfully used samurai swords to ward off the greys.


A targeted individual who remains anonymous has stated that bladed weapons like knives and swords will work better than firearms. The reasoning here is that firearms projectiles are blocked by some of force field. Continue reading


Watch Alien Abduction Movies Online

Looking to learn about alien abduction and don’t have time to read?  You watch alien abduction videos here but know that you won’t get the same in-depth knowledge you would from one of Budd Hopkins’ or David Jacobs’ amazing books.  However, you can watch or listen to these alien abduction videos and get a pretty good grounding in the subject. Here you’ll find the iconic abductions including Betty and Barney Hill, Travis Walton and the Allagash abductions.

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The Abduction of Travis Walton. Part 1

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